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Have you got Adsense approval for your blog? It hard to get Adsense approval now days and even harder to prevent it getting banned. You must have to follow Google terms to prevent your Adsense to getting banned. There so many cases happening now about Google suspended their Adsense account and that is because most of the Publishers doesn't read the Google's guideline and violate the terms. Some people try to cheat Google but forgot that Google has more qualified engineers than them. Here I am listing top 10 reason behind the suspension of Adsense account. Just read it carefully and avoid to prevent your account.

1 Formatting Google Ads looks like your content

Google advice to blend your ads with your content but that does not means that you content and ads does looks a part of whole content. Its definitely increase the CPC but it should be slightly different or should look like a ads. By blending ads similar to your content or blending your content just like a ads cause suspension of you Google Adsense account. This creates confusion among the visitor and it leads to ban of you account. However now Google warn you before banning you account and also provide you 72 hours to make changes.

2 Abusive Article Writing on Google Product

If you are blogger with approved Adsense account and writing on abusive article like Hacking G Mail Account, Playing with YouTube, Bypassing Payment at Play Store etc also lead to ban of your account. There are many blogger who complain about Google disable their Adsense account without informing them, but they have wrote some kind of article on their blog which misleading the terms.

3 Do-Follow Links of Gambling and Casino Sites

If your blog has good PageRank and Alexa Rank then you will definitely get the offers from these kind of site. They might also offers you huge amount to place do-follow link on your blog. If you are an adsense publisher then you must avoid them because its avoid Google terms.

4 Placing Images and Ads Together

You might think this is not the reason that Google can ban you account. Placing Ads and image together on blog is misguiding visitor to identify the thing and Google said that misguiding towards to ads lead to ban of you account.

5 Removing Google Branding in Adsense Search Box

Experimenting with Google Adsense is good to get best CPC but it also cause of suspending your Adsense account if your experiment over. Don' experiment too much with Adsense search box. If you try to change the look and also trying to remove Google branding. This practice also can lead to ban of your Adsense account.

6 Encouraging Click

Always remember that never encourage click on ads as Google now allow this. By placing your ads at place where visitors mostly click. You might think it is unclear, if you not place your ad where people clicking then how you can earn? Well actually that does not means you do no have place ads where people can reach easily. By encouraging ad click means placing ads on popups, Drop down menus, placing ads just besides or below where it suggesting to Download, click here or which encourage to people to click on it.

7 Illegally Increasing Pageviews

This might cause if you are not earning too much from you account. If you really not earning too much from your blog they also don't try to increase the page impression by visiting your own blog and refreshing your pages. When such impression comes from single browser also could be risky. Sometimes user do it intentionally and sometimes mistakenly do it when they are updating their blog. To use such thing always use Adblock addons.

8 Don't Allow Everyone to Guestpost

When you are allowing GuestPost on your blog then you must follow some strict rules. By just checking the content that you received and posting it on your blog is not good. Also check the link provided by the post author in content or in bio area are safe of not. You can also check their site that they not published illegal content before. Google will suspend your account and this will also downfall in ranking.

9 Using Offensive Images

Normally new bloggers use this kind of images. I also notice some of new blog that they are using some offensive images. While using Google Adsense on your blog it is advisable to not use offensive images. What does means of offensive images of picture? Let me give a simple example, a nude picture of celebrities are come in this category. By adding this kind of picture may increase you visits but lead to your Adsense account to ban.

10 Plagiarized Content

Now days most of new blogger blogging about Cracks, Hacking, Keygen Serials, Premium Software for free or any other plagiarized content. This the method to get popular in short term and it also provide good amount of traffic. If you are doing so then you are violating the Google TOS. Google not allow to post their ads on such website.

Editor's Message

I have tried to cover up most of point that can be lead your account to ban. I read so many complains where user want to know the reason behind their Adsense got suspended. If your account also got banned then you may check that one of above reason could cause that. Let us know if you find this post helpful via commenting below.
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  1. Google is very strict regarding regarding Adsense these days. There are many good alternatives available, just in case.

    1. Yes Ankur, even you can also check the best alternatives of Google Adsense.

  2. I did not knew all these. Thanks a lot for helping me broadening my area of knowledge. I will keep these effective tips in mind. thanks once again for sharing this with all of us. I wanna ask you something, if i open a blog site with the help of Wordpress, is there any possibility to get Google Ads or how can i earn some bucks with it.

    1. Google will approve your blog if its fits with their TOS no matter which platform used. You can check our Google Aproval Tips to know more.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I am still awaiting approval of my blog for Google Adsense account.

    Thanks for posting

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. You are asking the question for promoting your own blog and pointing that it own someone else.


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