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After establishing your blog what else you look forward. The first thing grow your mind is to make money via your blog and Adsense will be first platform that you will think of it. Though some of you fail to make money from it as you expected. But getting Adsense approval is not an easy task nowadays even if you have good blog. You have to follow some tactics to get approval from the Adsense. So, if getting approved adsense is not an easy that what to do? Well! there are so many ways that you can earn via your blog, but it is difficult to choose from them that which is the best. Today I am sharing top 5 best high paying Adsense alternative of 2013.

All the programs have different criteria to approve website or blog. You also get simply approved by one of the program from below if your blog or website receives huge amount of traffic. In this post I will discuss on Adsense alternatives and their criteria to get approve your blog or website.

As we all knows that Google Adsense is most preferred program to earn money online as it has good CPC. You can also earn good amount from Google Adsense with huge traffic. The only thing is that your blog or website should receive good traffic from completely different countries with good Alexa rank and good google page rank. If your blog have all these thing that you can simply apply to below direct advertising programs.

5 High Paying Adsense Alternatives

Bellow are the list of most preferred adsense alternatives which pays handsome amount of cash. If you are looking to earn some more from your blog or website along with Adsense programs you can also apply for on the below site.


One of the best direct advertise program online. BuySellAds was started in 2008 and now its gains lots of credit to its bucket. It is the most trusted high amount payer to  blogger and webmasters. BuySellAds growing day by day. Plenty of individuals moving here to advertise their products on plenty of niches websites. This program allows you to set your price and your ad spot on your site. There is not limit to set price. you can simply add there advertise here page on your site to get more advertiser direct from your site.


Tribal Fusion

It is also one of the alternative of Adsense that provides Ads on your site. Tribal Fusion one of the best ads program among top of direct advertisers. People who want to earn good amount of money also can apply to Tribal Fusion.



Bidvertiser is an open advertising web site which offer to position ads on your site or blog. This is one of the most effective and high obtain program to similar other sites. You can also earn good amount of cash from Bidvertiser by just simply registering on it.



Adbrit also the highest advertise corporations. This program does not shows ads on your website, its just shows links or text ads on your blog or site. Publisher can easily show the links on his/her posts contents.

(Update: Adbrite Advertise program has been shut down.)



Media.net is one of fast growing company in CPM category. It is also now partnered with Yahoo and Bing and provide contextual ads also. This becomes mos preferred adsense alternative to earn money. Earlier user only moved to Media.net if Google Adsense not approve their application. But not this becomes almost first choice of them to get advertise on their site.

Above all are the best 5 Adsense alternative. I have mentioned here direct advertiser program as well as CPC also. You can now choose among of this which comply with your website or blog.
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  1. Adbrite is no more. They closed it earlier this year. I lost my money. :(

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  3. Thank you for sharing this information. I'd suggest you nuxad.com also.

  4. Thanks for great information.



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