When we talk about Adsense ads customization in terms of background colours font, link colour, size and font style it was little restricted. Earlier we have only "Arial", "Times" and "Verdana" fonts to display ads on our site. So if your content has different font style other than this font it might look different on your page. Now Google has added 5 more fonts to it. Now you can change fonts of your ads which are already display on your site. Google added support for "Open Sans", "Open Sans Light", "Roboto Light", "Ubuntu Light", "Lora" fonts to ads.
Lora Fonts Open Sans Font

Open Sans Light Robot Light

Ubuntu Light

According to Google all these fonts are performing well on publisher's website. You can also implement new font on your blog for ads. Adsense team also working on new possibility and we will update you if any other new font available.

How to choose new Font for Ads?

There are two ways that you can set custom fonts on your entire account for all available Adsense unit for content or any individual ad unit. To set a custom font as default for your all Adsense ad units follow below steps.

Choose Font for All Adsense Unit

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Go to Account settings page.
  3. Click on edit in "Default ad display preferences".
  4. Choose any preferred font from drop down menu.
  5. Click on Save.
All your ad unit will get set for your preferred font preferences and also display your Adsense for content ads unit on your site with chosen font.

Choose Fonts for Individual Ads Units

If you want to choose any single or any individual ad unit to change its fonts you can also do it by following below steps.
  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Go to "My ads" tab.

  3. Adsense My Ad Tab

  4. Choose "Ad units".
  5. Now select ad unit that you want to change font.
  6. Go to "Use custom settings" and choose any preferred font form drop down menu.
    Font for Adsense Ads

  8. Customize ad unit and Save it.
That it! you have done all the things. The changes will be reflect in 10 minutes. Let me know it you have any query.

Ads Image credit: Google Adsense blog
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